The Ireland Site & Music Excursion 2017
An Exclusive Cultural Immersion Experience
Sue Talks About Being On Our 2016 Tour
Has Ireland been on your bucket list?


In August of 2016, I hosted our first Janet's Planet: Ireland Site & Music Excursion and we had such an amazing time, we're confirmed for an encore experience from August 19th to the 28th in 2017.  The people who joined us in 2016 came home feeling like they'd had a once in a lifetime experience.  One of them ended up extending her stay after the tour because she didn't want it to end. 


With the inside scoop from our guide and tour guru Maria Kennedy, we created an experience that you won't find with traditional coach tours. Participation is by interview only to make sure our 9 days together are fun, drama free and easy going.  I interview anyone who's interested to make sure each person is a great fit with the group.


Last year when I was talking to people about our 2016 tour, several of them were concerned that they wouldn't be welcome because they don't play music. No worries! We welcome musicians and music lovers to join us.  


We'll be touring at a relaxed pace with a small group so you won't need a vacation to recover from your vacation. 


During our tour you'll experience:

  • Concerts, Irish pub sessions and a private music party
  • Visits to castles from the middle ages and learn about the geological and religious history of Ireland.
  • Kayaking under the stars on Lough Hyne in Skibbereen and be serenaded on the other side of the lake.


Does that sound like your idea of heaven? Register for more information below.


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Slainte! ("to your health!" in Irish, pronounced "Slahn-CHA")

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p.s. Check out some of the breathtaking Irish scenery including Loch Hyne where we'll kayak under the stars.